Watched: That Girl in Pinafore

Watched this Singapore Movie. Reminded me alot of You Are the Apple of My Eye, Hot Young Bloods and similar movies.

The Plot wasn’t really something new or special in any way but it the cast made up for it big time. All of the characters were great and believable. The score was also really good and always suited the situation. It was a movie about music after all so that’s no Wonder.

If you like movies about high school romance and music, watch it.


Poster for the movie ""

That Girl in Pinafore

Chai Yee Wei
1 h 55 min
Release Date
1 August 2013
Comedy, Romance, Music
Jiaming, a free spirited teenager, has never taken school seriously. However, he is forced to confront his future when he flunks his O level exams and drops out of school. While deciding his future, Jiaming decides to help out at his parents music pub, Meng Chuan. Jiaming's buddies Caogen, Haoban and Xiaopang pass their exams and move on to Junior College. But they are caught renting porn magazines by the principal and are suspended for a month. During this month, the boys join a local music competition, have a taste of first love, and work hard to bring business back to the struggling Meng Chuan. In this coming-of-age tale, Jiaming and gang realise the harsh realities of the real word. In growing up, choosing to follow your heart is never easy in the face of societal expectations.


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