Watched: Her Granddaughter

Another Japanese movie for today. I’m not sure why this get so bad ratings. It was surely not a masterpiece but it was at least above average.

The plot wasn’t something new and there are certainly better choices to pick but personally, I liked the protagonists really much and the camera work was great too. Sometimes the plot seemed forces though.


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Her Granddaughter

Ryuichi Hiroki
1 h 59 min
Release Date
14 February 2015
Drama, Romance
Tsugumi Dozono (Nana Eikura) works at a large electronics company in Tokyo. She likes to spend long vacations at her grandmother’s house in the countryside. One day, her grandmother passes away and Tsugumi Dozono decides to live in her grandmother's house while working from home. She finds a strange middle-aged man in the house. The man's name is Jun Kaieda (Etsushi Toyokawa). Jun Kaieda tells Tsugumi that he is her grandmother’s ex-student and her grandmother gave him a key to the annex house. Tsugumi, who does not know the exact relationship between her grandmother and Jun, begins to live with him.


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