Watched: Nanayo

I watched another Film by Naomi Kawase, so I have only one left to watch. Again, visually it is very beautiful. This time it plays  somewhere in the Jungle of Thailand. A Japanese woman leaves Japan to live in Thailand. By an accident with her Taxi driver, she doesn’t reach her planned destination but a lone house in the Jungle. Surprised by the warmth of these people, she decides to stay there even though she doesn’t understand a single word of Thai.

Nanayo isn’t as silent as most of Kawase’s movies. There is a lot of dialog. However, it is still very typical. If you like Kawase’ movies, you will mosr probably like Nanayo too with it’s beautiful landscape shots and nice and warm characters.


Poster for the movie ""


Naomi Kawase
1 h 30 min
Release Date
1 November 2008
A young woman leaves her job and lover in Japan to start a new life in Thailand.


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