Watched: The Yellow Handkerchief

You most probably know Yoji Yamadas newest movies. This old one has definitely his handwriting, you can feel that after a few minutes. It is a roadmovie about 3 people. A couple (both barely know each other) are driving through the Island of Hokkaido without a destination. They take a stranger with them. The stranger seemt o have a troubled past and with time his past get more and more revealed.

It’s not the worst roadmovie I have seen though you can definitely feel that the movie is old. You will see that in the score, and the actors too. Beside that it’s solid and if you like these movies, watch it.


Poster for the movie "The Yellow Handkerchief"

The Yellow Handkerchief

Yôji Yamada
1 h 49 min
Release Date
30 September 1977
Comedy, Drama
The story starts with Kinya, who has recently upgraded his car. He’s a young adult and he’s single so naturally he uses his ride to ahem, look for companions. He offers a ride to a shy girl by the name of Akemi and she reluctantly accepts. From the get go, sexual tension is apparent, but things get a bit easier as the two become acquainted. They pick up Yusaku, a 30-something coal miner with a reserved personality. The story slowly begins to shift from the comedic hijinks of Kinya and Akemi to Yusaku’s mental drama. He’s hiding something about his past, which he either wants to forget or is trying to remember.


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