Watched: Suzaku

My next movie by femal director Naomi Kawase. Like all of her movies, this is more like a documentary instead of a movie. Very few dialogs, visually beautiful in a remote Japanese village and long shooted scenes. Also again, she uses amateur actors, people who actually live in the village.

It’s about a pretty oldschool family, living in a foresty village. After a certain incident, the family struggles and all the happiness crumbles.

It is definitely one of the best movies from Naomi Kawase. I really liked it and if you like movies with very few dialog about live, go and watch it now!


Poster for the movie ""


Naomi Kawase
1 h 35 min
Release Date
1 January 1997
Depicts the life of a family in a remote Japanese timber village. Family head Tahara Kozo lives with his mother Sachiko, wife Yasuyo, nephew Eisuke and young daughter Michiru. Economic recession and failed development plans cause tragedy in the family.


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