Watched: When Love Comes

A very beautiful and emutional Film, There is not much to say about the plot as this is just a very realistic view of a Taiwanese family and their rebellous 16 years old daughter which gets pregnant and slowly understands her family.

Everything is kept very realistic without getting boring. The score plays a huge roll in that, building the right emotions. The cast is pretty good, be it the daughter itself, her father, both wives (yeah, you didn’t read that wrong) and the mentally handycapped uncle (he was a natural). The directing was very good, there were a few very beautifully shot scenes.

I think this movie is very underrated but that might be just me.


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When Love Comes

Chang Tso-chi
1 h 47 min
Release Date
29 October 2010
Drama, Romance, Foreign
Laichun, her father and two mothers, uncle and grandfather are of different generations; thus they all think differently. Father is the family head, and because he believes he must continue on the family name ends up taking two wives. His first wife also feels the same way, and so allows the second wife. Laichun feels the abyss between her and her parents and ends up getting pregnant, but hits a wall when her boyfriend does not take any responsibility. When her father is hospitalized, she begins to understand her father and two mothers. She is finally growing up.


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