Watched: Isabella

And yet another HK movie (even though it plays in Macau). This time, a film by Ho-Cheung Pang. It is my first movie by  Ho-Cheung Pang and even though he is famous for his funny style, Isabella was a serious and dramatic movie full of emotions. As you can read in the summary, this movie is about a corrupt Macau Cop (Chapman To) during the handover of Macau from the Portuguese to the PRC and a young Girl which gets into his life, stating that he is her Father. At first, she just wants money from him to be able to pay her rent but they end up living together.

The beginning scenes will remind you of Wong Kar-Wei, the movie is beautifully shot (Macau really isn’t the cleanest city). The actors were both excellent and believable. I can’t really complain here but there seem to be people which don’t agree with me. The score is top-notch.

The plot was (in my opinion) genuinely good. It was never over-the-top, unrealistic or dull. I have seen a few father-daughter relationship movies and while I like that subgenre, they don’t always tend to be realistic. The ending was great too but endings tend to be a matter of taste. Some like happy endings and some want it to end bloody…

I can safely recommend this movie and I will try to watch more movies, directed by Ho-Cheung Pang.



Poster for the movie "Isabella"


Pang Ho-Cheung
1 h 31 min
Release Date
6 April 2006
Drama, Foreign
On the eve of the transfer of power over Macao to the People’s Republic of China, a police officer finds himself in the throes of a dreadful crisis – both in his career and in his private life. Already thrown off course for having been suspended on a corruption charge, shortly afterwards, he has an encounter that completely changes his life. Hoping to compensate for his failed career, Shing seeks comfort in the arms of a young girl. He has no more than a one-night stand in mind when he ap­proaches this young woman. but when he gently tries to persuade her to go to bed with him, he is more than surprised at her rebuff. For this elf-like creature named Yan confronts him with the most astonishing news conceivable.


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