Watched: Hanezu

Today I wanted to watch something slow paced and first thing came to my mind was Naomi Kawase. I haven’t watched many of her movies yet but they are always slow. I decided to watch Hanezu.

I was very disappointed. I don’t dislike these kind of movies and I surely don’t need action but this movie was just boring. I can’t really tell what I didn’t like, it just couldn’t capture me.

I can’t really recommend it but then, according to other reviews and ratings, most people seem to like it. Maybe it’s just me.


Poster for the movie ""


Naomi Kawase
1 h 31 min
Release Date
18 May 2011
Drama, Romance, Foreign
Based on a Japanese novel written by Masako Bando, the story revolves around Kayoko who lives with one man (Tetsuya) but is in love with another (Takumi).


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